Professional, Dynamic, Serviced Offices


people-in-officeOrganizing office space and accommodating workers in a comfortable and pleasant working environment can be a challenging task for many business owners. Of course, the reason for this may not be the lack of capabilities of the respective business people, but only in the lack of space and lack of funds to dedicate them to this “problem.” That is why a lot of today’s companies are turning to a new method of using offices and business centers, and this type of premises are called serviced offices.

Serviced offices, or as they are also known as managed offices or executive suites, are areas that can be rented for a short period and by various types of companies. This type of premises usually comes with a full range of available features and services and facility management companies are in charge of the maintenance and other elements of the overall quality of the location. Multiple benefits can come out of this model, and the most important ones are flexibility, convenience, and affordability.

How To Create A Serviced Office

Since the need for serviced offices is increasing by the day, companies who are offering this kind of services should invest as much as possible in the quality of their “product.” What this means is that the facilities in the location should be top-notch, the equipment and the machines should present the state-of-the-art devices, and the overall environment should ooze class and style.

Innovative ideas are often born in a relaxed working atmosphere, and if the office is inspiring and motivating – the entire team will be more productive and more driven to create meaningful results. The task of producing such an atmosphere may be challenging, but if you manage to bring an air of professionalism into your office space – the rewards can be surprising and very lucrative.

Create A Serviced Office

Essential Services And Facilities

officeThe flexibility of serviced offices is one of their primary features, and this characteristic allows them to integrate several companies on one floor, or to incorporate the principle of hot desking into their cubicles or conference rooms. However, certain facilities are “the norm” in this business, and every owner of a serviced office area should be aware of those requirements. For instance, the vast majority of executive suites will offer reception services, fully functional IT infrastructure, machines, and other resources that are needed for an average working day in an office.

Tenants will usually share these services and use them simultaneously, and this allows for reduced costs and improves the functionality of the business. On the other hand, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and cubicles have to be shared in a way that relies on different schedules and different periods of usage. What this means is that one company can use the conference room in a particular period, and after that time is over – another enterprise can hold a meeting or a presentation in the same location. When creating a serviced office space, is vital to consider all of those methods and situations carefully, and to create a layout and organizational plan that will suit the needs of your customers in the best possible way.


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