Serviced offices: Moving into an office with everything already set up


As a relatively new method of doing things and organizing office space serviced offices and hot desking is still on the rise, and this system is experiencing incredible growth rates. As a matter of fact, more and more business owners realize that renting the space is much a better alternative to buying it, and that is why the business of leasing fully functional office areas is thriving at the moment.


These premises are also known as managed offices, executive suites, or executive centers, and this system is now spread out all over the world. Enterprises also use a model called “hot desking,” which is an even more radical method where workers of various companies use the same office space (the same desks, hence the name), and they do it in different shifts and at different periods. It remains to be seen if these models are going to become the norm, but the process of moving into an office where everything is already set up is certainly a pleasant business activity.

Types Of Clients

clients in officeServiced offices are typically under the ownership and control of a facility management company, and this enterprise takes care of the maintenance, organization, and all aspects of the business. These companies then rent out space to interested parties, i.e. companies who are need of such premises. Usually, broker agents act as the middleman during the process, and they are the ones who find the clients and work on getting the deal through.

Various types of companies and corporations can be in need of fully furnished office space, and everything depends on their circumstances and plans for the future. For example, if a business is expanding and moving into another country or distant geographic location, the owners will probably want to set up a temporary franchise or a subsidiary to “test the waters” and see if a permanent branch would be successful. Similarly, if a company is expanding its premises and elaborate construction work is going in their old space, they will be forced to relocate their workers into an area that will allow for an uninterrupted flow of business activities and operations.

The Pros Using Serviced Offices

officesImmediate occupancy is perhaps the most important characteristic of executive suites, and companies usually want to move in as soon as possible. Since the office space is already set up and ready to use, there is no unnecessary time wasting, and the process can be efficient and straightforward.

Besides being located at a prestigious address, businesses can have access to various facilities and equipment that would be hard to come by in some other scenario. For example, most serviced offices will provide you with reception services, IT infrastructure, machines and supplies that are needed on a daily basis in an average office, and so on. Besides these services, clients usually have access to various other features, such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, pantry, 24-hour security, etc. However, these additional facilities are typically charged extra, i.e. on a pay-as-you-use principle, but even this is convenient to the majority of clients who are in need of serviced office space.


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