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The Advantages Of Short Term Leases


Office Space IdeasLike everything else, the ways in which we do business are susceptible to change, and the unstoppable wheels of evolution are always moving ahead and bringing progress and modernity. Such is the case with the traditional way of working in an office and perhaps spending your entire working career within the same four walls. Since this model promotes isolation and puts more stress on the cooperation within the team, modern companies are incorporating an entirely new model of organizing the workspace and promoting interaction between coworkers.

To be more precise, this new system works in a way that companies simply rent out office space and return it to “the owner” once they are finished, i.e. when they no longer have the need for that particular space. These offices are called serviced offices, and they predominantly work on a short-term basis. Enterprises that rent out serviced offices are usually looking for a temporary solution and the option of leasing fully furnished and completely functional space is highly convenient to the vast majority of business owners.

How The System Of Leasing Serviced Offices Works

Serviced offices are known by several different names, and since the model is relatively young – no universal title or definition can be given to this organizational method. Some of those other terms are managed offices, business centers, executive suites, and so on. But, no matter the name, a facility management company typically owns these offices, and the deals of leasing the space are usually conducted by a broker. Agents act as the middleman in the process of finding the companies who are in need of serviced offices and then sealing the deal with the facility management company, i.e. the owner of the premises.


Various types of businesses can be in need of office space, and everything depends on the structure of the company and its current circumstances. For example, start-up companies and smaller enterprises use this method of leasing office space since it does not require a long term commitment. Similarly, project-based teams and groups of people (for example – political campaigns) are often using serviced offices as their temporary location and headquarters.

The Benefits Of Short Term Leases

ServicedOfficeAs we already said, there are several advantages of using serviced offices and hot desking, and these new ways of thinking and organizing office space are not only affordable and cheap, but they promote team spirit and better cooperation with the group. Modern businesses are discarding the burden of tradition and old ways of doing things, and multiple benefits are coming out as a result of these changes.

Serviced offices require no investment in furniture, equipment, and other facilities, and this significantly reduces the costs of starting a new company. Also, maintenance is left to the owner of the space, and that is also one less thing to worry about. Serviced areas work on a straightforward pay-as-you-use system, and this characteristic gives business owners a lot of freedom and flexibility.


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